We offer a range of services to meet your needs. We can provide consulting services to help your organization build teams or we can work with in-house professionals to certify them in the use of Team Emotional Intelligence tools and techniques. We can also provide access to our online assessment instrument or provide Team Emotional Intelligence workshops.

  1. TEI Online Survey
    Our online tool assesses a Team’s Emotional Intelligence. The assessment can be used in conjunction with our consulting or workshop services.
  2. Building Team Emotional Intelligence
    We will work with your teams to build group emotional intelligence as they engage in their task.
  3. Team Emotional Intelligence Workshops
    Our workshops teach the basics of group emotional intelligence and provide tools that teams can use to put the concepts into practice.
  4. Team Emotional Intelligence Accreditations
    We offer certification workshops for those who would like to use the survey in their own work. Contact us for details.

Team Emotional Intelligence Survey

Team Emotional Intelligence Survey

The Team Emotional Intelligence (TEI) Survey measures how effectively your team's culture manages emotion and creates an emotional experience for members that supports the highest levels of collaboration and performance. The Survey is supported by 15 years of research and is reliable and valid. See the research section for more information.
The TEI Survey May Be Helpful If Your Team Experiences:

  • Lack of engagement and cooperation.​

  • Unproductive conflict.

  • Lack of follow-through on commitments.

  • Low levels of creativity and innovation.

  • Wasted activity and energy

  • Lack of resilience and ability to change.
  • You sense higher quality and/or performance is possible.

  • Focuses on specific behaviors. You are not left wondering "How do I get the team to do that?" ––for example, how do I get my team members to trust each other.

  • Team EI is built while a team is doing its work. There is no need to take teams away from their work.

  • Team Emotional Intelligence represents a culture that allows the team to create a constructive emotional experience for members. Because cultures endure.
Team EI provides
lasting results.
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